The Lambrettas

News items:

  • The Lambrettas newest addition is tenor saxophone player Richard Anstey. Richard joined them in 2018
  • The Lambrettas have been inducted onto the BRIGHTON MUSIC WALK OF FAME cultural exhibition. This has been established as a permanent attraction on the iconic Brighton Palace Pier to pay tribute to the many musicians, artists, composers and DJ’s closely associated with the city & Sussex
  • There are plaques exhibited along the East & West side Boardwalks of the Brighton Palace Pier, each featuring the names of inductees. The plaques are interactive using the Shazam mobile App with connect visual codes allowing the BRIGHTON MUSIC WALK OF FAME to be interactive and delivers users to a unique & exciting experience linking each plaque to the featured artists related pages
  • The Lambrettas attended the inaugural launch event for the BRIGHTON MUSIC WALK OF FAME in Horatio’s Bar on the pier on 27 June 2018. They played a few songs at the event on a beautiful sunshiny day where they met with friends old and new
  • Our new EP Go 4 It is now available on download See link
  • Go 4 It is stocked in HMV and you can get it from our Merch Stand at gigs. If you want to order online, you can find it on Amazon See link
  • Go 4 It is also on domestic release in Germany, so go get it in the shops
  • Apologies that the Merchandise tab on this website is currently not in operation. Please contact us if there is something you are particularly interested in
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